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PN 2015
  Detailed Description                  
  Mac manufactures some of the best quality needles on the market.          
  These super high quality press needles are made from premium          
  stainless steel ande are mounted on plastic board for easy removal.          
  Unlike some other press needles, Mac press needles stay in place          
  because they use high quality US made surgical tape (for senstive          
  skin) instead of poor quality tape usually used on other brands.          
  These press needles are one of the best selling in the world.          
   ㆍFinest quality surgical tape, stays in place              
   ㆍMounted on plastic blocks for easy removal            
   ㆍTape is flesh colored                
   ㆍ0.20*1.5 mm                  
   ㆍBox of 50                  
   ㆍSurgical stainless steel                
   ㆍSterile, disposable single use only              
   ㆍEasy peel open blister                
   ㆍHigh quality, reasonable price                
   ㆍFDA 510k listed                  
   ㆍCE marked                  
   ㆍISO qualified                  
  Mac tacks stay in place after insertion!              
Caution: Federal Law restricts this device to sale by or on the order of qualified practitioners of      
              acupuncture as determined by the States.