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HN 01(Insertor)
HN10(Hand needle)
  Detailed Description(Acupuncture Hand Needle)          
  Mac continues it's tradition in producing these superior quality Korean style hand and cosmetic needles!  
  Commonly used for hand, ear and facial work. These very small needles are (40G) 0.16×7mm(0.25 inch)  
  and faeature a tightly wound spring style handle. These hand and cosmetic needles are one of the best  
  selling needles in the hand therapy field.            
  COST PER THOUSAND IS ONLY $29.95          
  NO PAIN... JUST LOTS OF CHI!            
   ㆍBox of 1000 needles (10 small boxes with 100 needles)        
   ㆍCoil handle - smooth top (no loop)            
   ㆍPacked 10 needles per packaet             
   ㆍSurgical stainless steel              
   ㆍSterile, disposable single use only            
   ㆍFDA 510k listed                
   ㆍCE marked                
   ㆍISO qualified                
Caution: Federal Law restricts this device to sale by or on the order of qualified practitioners of    
              acupuncture as determined by the States.          
  Detailed Description(Insertor)              
  Quality hand needle introducer used for making needle insertion easier and more precise. Use with Mac   
  Korean hand needles (Soojin Chim)            
  1. Metal Insertor                
   ㆍStainless steel construction              
   ㆍLength is 3.3" (85mm)               
  2. Metal Insertor with case              
    . Light metal                
    . Length - 140mm (5.5")              
    . Plastic case with 5 extra caps