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BCD 01(Disposable cups-No.1, 100pcs)
  2 Great Sets to Choose From!              
  These quality  cupping sets set a new standard in value. Cups are constructed
  of high quality lightweight plastic. Each cup is equipped with a premium smooth operating  
  air-locking valve. The sets also contains a durable, comfortable, pistol grip hand pump.  
  Made in Korea.                
  11 pcs Set contains:              
   ㆍ(6) 2-1/8" (54mm) Cups               
   ㆍ(1) 1-7/8" (49mm) Cup              
   ㆍ(1) 1-3/4" (43mm) Cup              
   ㆍ(1) 1-1/2" (35mm) Cup              
   ㆍ(1) 1-1/8" (28mm) Cup               
   ㆍSuction pump                
   ㆍSturdy vinyl carring case              
  20 pcs Set contains:              
   ㆍ(13) 2-1/8" (54mm) Cups               
   ㆍ(1) 1-7/8" (49mm) Cups              
   ㆍ(2) 1-3/4" (43mm) Cup              
   ㆍ(2) 1-1/2" (35mm) Cup              
   ㆍ(1) 1-1/8" (28mm) Cup              
   ㆍRubber Extension Hose              
   ㆍSuction pump
ㆍ(10) Acupressure kits
   ㆍSturdy vinyl carring case

* BCD 01;  
 Disposable Cups -  100pcs/box              
Caution: Do not exceed more than 5 minutes per session.